Let’s introduce her

Ok let’s introduce her:
Her name is Zara which you probably gathered. You can see her slender figure now in the misty valley towering over the fallen rocks. Her waistlong curly hair of the colour of chestnut in autumn can be spotted like a beacon which is not very carefull of her. But right now she does not care. She is searching for dry place to sleep for a while. It is early in the morning and she does not expect any of the soldgiers to come a long. Suddenly something wet touches her hand. She just smiles:”There you are! I needed your help last night!” A gentle growl answers her. “Oh come on you can not still be angry. I know i took another way and yes it took me into danger. But obviously i made it didn’t i?” A scruffy wet greyhound shakes its head and walks through the mists towards two gigantic Engelm Trees.
Zara follows the dog like she did for about a month…..

How it all began

ONe night about 10 or 15 years ago i had a very realistic feeling dream. I was in a valley on a stormy night and on the other side i saw a young woman descent along slippery rocks. It was windy and she nearly had to crawl along the path hiding along the rocks. I never found out if she made it.

20 years ago my step mother gave me the book The lord of the rings for christmas. I stayed up all night and read the whole three books (ok i am overdoing it a bit but i read them in three days). It hooked me from the beginning and i read it time and time again. I often thought it is such a shame that it has mainly male characters and my dream grew to write a similar book with female characters.