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Novels in a Polish bookstore

Novels in a Polish bookstore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not been writing a lot about writing lately but it looks like I need a break from it after that intense #NaNoWriMo month. Yes I know it is over since 6 weeks or so and I had decided to take a look back at my first draft in January but when I realised I did not manage my Goodreads goal for last year I was a bit disappointed. I love reading. As a child I spend most days with it.

I can remember when I got the German translation of The Lord of The Rings I read the whole thing in about a week. I just could not switch it off. The local library was my refuge and my adventure which opened up a whole new world in my little Swabian village. I travelled ~ sure ~ to Switzerland which was close and in Germany but I could never imagine to go to places like Kenya, India or Alaska. But in books I could travel anywhere and to any time I ever wanted. Even to dimensions that science still have not found ;-).

As both my parents and my grandparents loved to read I was never short of books. But when I got into my late 20s suddenly I did not find books that really interested me anymore. Quite often I found the books I was reading were not written very well. But maybe it had more to do with the fact that I was changing so much therefore my interest in what to read as well.

Today I can say my main interest is in Fantasy and Crime which feeds my longing for mystery. But last year I have started something I call “window shopping” in the library. They often have books showcased on stands or shelves and I just have a look and let my intuition guide me which one of them I want to read preferably an author I do not know. This way I found Aimee Bender‘s “The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake” one of the best books I have every read.

And my actual finding? Eowyn Ivy’s ¬†The Snow Child¬†a truly haunting story that gives you an immense emotional experience while reading it. But well someone who is called like an¬†sword¬†swinging lady¬†in Lord of the Rings must be a good writer…… :-).

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6 Responses to “writing or so….”

  1. Thanks for the link! Yes, NaNo can be so exhausting, and I’m still recovering!!


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